Fox’s Hannity reports that Manchin has turned hard left. Fox should also report that Manchin would not be in the Senate except for Now News lies.

West Virginians and all Americans can thank McConnell and Fox News for whatever socialist bills the Senate passes. As Manchin said Blankenship was the only conservative in the WV 2018 Senate Race.

Maybe there is hope. Fox has figured out two facts. One that China is not a human race. Two, that Manchin is not a moderate.

If Fox can figure out what McConnell really is there may be hope for America. Fox should begin by doing a special on Mrs. McConnell, her father and her sister Angela’s China connections.

I know Joe Manchin, Mitch McConnell and Shawn Hannity. They all make millions and they are all big friends.

Americans are just spectators watching these guys play the “make themselves rich at your expense game”.

The New green Deal is not greatly different than the 1990 Old Green Deal that McConnell voted for. Both deals take Americans Green money and share it with red China.

McConnell is most responsible for America’s move to the hard left. No one has hurt the Republican Party more than Swamp Captain McConnell.

McConnell does not use Republican money to elect conservatives. He uses it to personally control Senate Republicans.

Why does Fox News not report that Mrs. McConnell’s family bought their multiple $47 million ships from China and they haul China coal not American coal?