Attorney General Merrick Garland says  “upholding the rule of law means applying the law evenly … and under my watch that is precisely what the Justice Department is doing”

I, Don Blankenship, can tell you with certainty, based on my personal experience just this week, that what Garland said is absolutely not true.

On Monday DOJ under Garland’s watch, asked the Supreme Court not to hear arguments that my misdemeanor conviction be voided.  Mr. Garland knows that by doing so DOJ is defending and abetting prosecutorial misconduct.

DOJ knows that government investigators had a “Shredding Party” and  “made charts unreadable” in order to destroy evidence that the government caused a mine explosion that killed twenty-nine Americans.

Garland knows that Assistant U.S. Attorney (Steve Ruby) told DOJ that his boss, USAO Booth Goodwin (son of Federal Judge Bob Goodwin), instructed him not to disclose any more FBI reports because Judge Goodwin was angry with my attorneys. 

If Garland believes that what he said is true, i.e. that “under his watch the law is applied evenly”, he has to believe it is okay for a Federal Judge who is not involved in a case to cause the DOJ to change its disclosure policy in the middle of a prosecution.

Garland’s office knows that destroyed and undisclosed FBI and DOL documents which were not provided to my defense before trial, as well as other documents still hidden, contain proof of my innocence and proof that the government blew up the Upper Big Branch Mine. 

Mr. Garland’s Main Justice Office also knows that an Assistant U.S. Attorney (Ruby) informed DOJ of his own intentional and corrupt prosecutorial misconduct.  Yet Garland’s Main DOJ Office is arguing to SCOTUS that I received a fair trial.  

The Main Justice D.C. office is going all out in an effort to sustain a false misdemeanor conviction.  Americans deserve to be told why MAIN DOJ is so determined to uphold a misdemeanor conviction. 

Garland has said Americans should accept for fact that he and the Department of Justice are “protecting the Constitutional rights of all Americans and … the integrity of DOJ investigations”. 

U.S. Attorney General Garland has to be a fool to believe that an FBI investigation has integrity if investigators are “shredding  documents” and “making charts unreadable”.

How can Americans have  confidence in the integrity of Garland if he is defending prosecutorial misconduct undertaken at the behest of a Federal Judge who is the Father of the prosecutor and not otherwise involved in the case?  

Garland’s efforts to uphold a misdemeanor conviction that was achieved by the corrupt conduct  of two Prosecutors and a Federal Judge is Tyranny.  A judge and two U.S. Attorneys had as their intent imprisoning an innocent American for life. 

The fact is that this corruption took place so that a Federal Judge’s son might win a Gubernatorial race.  That is clearly a political act by the DOJ and it makes their actions worse than diabolical.  

The DOJ and a Federal Judge used their powers in an effort to win an election at the potential expense of a man’s freedom for the rest of his life and to hide the truth of a tragedy that killed twenty nine Americans. 

Garland  may remember that a former President once said “words matter” But he should also remember that “deeds matter” much more.  Garland’s opposition to voiding a corrupt conviction makes him a  “Perfect Attorney General for DOJ” today. 

 In God We Trust.   In the DOJ we do not.   A DOJ that lies, hides the truth, destroys investigation documents, knows an Assistant Attorney has acted improperly because a Federal Judge was angry at the defense attorneys, and more is not protecting equal Justice for all.