To All Americans:

Don Blankenship Press Release:

Last Friday (September 01) my attorneys and I filed our final Reply Brief to the U.S. Supreme Court seeking certiorari for my defamation lawsuit, Blankenship v. NBCUNIVERSAL, LLC, ET AL.   

You will not see any press coverage of this potential landmark case because our corrupt government and Press are determined to hide what they did from your view. The lawsuit seeks to overturn New York Times vs Sullivan, an infamous Court ruling which legalized the defamation of candidates for public office upon the request of current government officials to do so. 

The lawsuit gives the Supreme Court an opportunity to correct an obvious mistake that the Court made nearly sixty years ago. The point of the lawsuit is that the Press cannot be allowed to remain a Fourth Branch of government that spreads propaganda and hides government corruption. 

We caught the government and the Press red-handed in a worse than Watergate scandal. We have provided the Court clear proof not only of defamation but also of election sabotage.

If the Court denies Cert it will have endorsed the destruction of American Democracy.

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Don Blankenship