Most Americans are aware that our country is infested with drug addicts. We know “drug addiction” is a major American problem.

All high ranking government officials should be tested to determine if they are using illegal drugs.

But there is another addiction that is also destroying America, “our country”. I call it “power addiction”.

The American Government has many high ranking officials who are “power addicts”. This “power addiction” creates symptoms in our Government Officials much like “drug addiction” creates in hundreds of thousands of Americans.

The similar symptoms which both government “power addicts” and American “drug addicts” suffer from are blurred vision, irrational behavior, stealing and wasting money, and continually seeking more of what they are addicted to, I.e., to seek a “fix”.

The fact and my point is that “power addicts” will always seek to take away your rights because it is a temporary “fix” for their addiction.