Let’s get this straight.  President Trump wanted to require that Ukraine investigate Biden’s son for alleged corruption before giving Ukraine $400 million.

Former Vice President Joe Biden bragged that while Vice President he required Ukraine to fire the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating his son before giving Ukraine a billion dollars.  

Trump wants the alleged corruption investigated. Biden obviously does not want the alleged corruption investigated. The Democrats want to impeach Trump and then elect Joe Biden President. 

Is this crazy or what?  How can Democrats want to impeach the guy who wants the truth to be known and then elect the guy who does not want the truth to be known.

Do the Democrats intend to impeach Biden if he is elected for doing essentially what they claim to be impeaching President Trump for?  

The fake news media needs to be impeached for incompetence, biased reporting, and for spreading former Soviet Union style propaganda. They are so blinded by their bias and self aggrandizing that they do not recognize nor report a real story when its right in front of them. 

It’s the media and the politicians who are doing more to sabotage our democracy than the Russians or Ukrainians could ever hope to. 

Congress and both major political parties are akin to RICOs and they should be recognized and treated as such. They are both as George Washington said more loyal to their Party than they are to America.