Don Blankenship has confirmed that he is a Candidate for the Constitution Party nomination for President of the United States.  

Don chose today, Veterans Day, to make his announcement in recognition of America’s Veterans. Veterans who sacrificed for the Human Rights that are guaranteed to all Americans by the Constitution.  Don chose the Constitution Party because it is dedicated to protecting those Human Rights which so many Veterans made the ultimate sacrifice to defend. Rights which today’s politicians and courts are threatening to take away at every opportunity.


Don Blankenship has lived the vast majority of his life in West Virginia. However, he has lived in many regions of the United States including the Deep South, the West, the Midwest, and the Rockies. He currently maintains homes in both West Virginia and Nevada.  Don understands the diversity of America and he recognizes both the resulting opportunities that our country must take advantage of and the resulting challenges our country must deal with.  

A self-made businessman, Don climbed the ranks of a coal company named Massey Energy and became the company President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board. Don took the company public and what had been a small coal company was later sold for seven billion dollars. As the company grew, Don oversaw the mining of more coal in Central Appalachia than anyone in history.

In addition to Blankenship’s professional business success, he was the major influencer behind the conservative takeover of West Virginia politics, as both a donor and strategist. 


Don will be attempting to be the first person ever to become an occupant of the White House after having been in the “big house.”  Don spent a year in Taft Federal prison after being falsely convicted of a misdemeanor.  The misdemeanor conviction was achieved in the aftermath of a coal mine explosion only as a result of now confirmed and documented federal government prosecution misconduct. 

Don was indicted as part of an effort by government officials to hide the fact that government regulators likely caused the mine explosion and the deaths of twenty-nine coal miners. A Federal Magistrate Judge has now recommended that Don’s misdemeanor conviction be voided, and Don is writing a book which will expose how and why the government lied about the cause of the mine explosion.          


Once released from prison, Don ran for the Republican Party nomination for a West Virginia U.S. Senate Seat last year.  Don was leading in the polls and it appeared he would win the Senate Seat but the National Republican Senatorial Committee, at United States Senator Mitch McConnell’s insistence, then organized an effort to stop Don from winning. Republicans stopped Don using what politicians like U.S. House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi call a “wrap-up smear campaign.” (Click HERE to see video)

The smear campaign included falsely telling voters that Don was a convicted felon and declaring that Don went to prison for manslaughter.  Nearly all of the national media outlets assisted in this “smear campaign”. They and even President Trump’s son Don, Jr falsely called Don a “felon” not once but more than one hundred times in the waning days of the West Virginia Senate race.  Essentially the United States government, with the assistance of the media, spread propaganda about Don which sabotaged a United States Senate race.


In response to the Mitch McConnell led smear campaign Don has an active defamation lawsuit against the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), numerous media outlets and Donald Trump, Jr.  Despite our government’s outrageous lies and the corrupt prosecution of Don, media outlets and the politicians have refused to tell, the now well-known and Judge confirmed truth; that Don was illicitly convicted of a misdemeanor.  Following the illicit misdemeanor conviction Don was then sent to prison where he could not continue his truth campaign regarding the mine explosion.  


But Don’s experiences with Mitch McConnell and the “Pinocchio Press” are not what the 2020 election is about. Instead, it is about Don actually doing what President Donald Trump promised he would do.  “Make America Great Again”.  President Trump means well, but he simply cannot get it done because he is too busy mending his self-inflicted wounds and tripping over his ego.  

Don’s candidacy for President is a rare opportunity for Americans.  Americans understand that a “divided country” cannot become great again. Neither can a country who has a government that is so dishonest that its citizens have become sensitized to the constant reports of government corruption. Americans watch every day as Republicans and Democrats call each other names and accuse each other of doing something they themselves are doing.   

Americans know that the leaders of both parties are correct.  Leaders of both major American political parties are in fact what they call each other—selfish, corrupt, and out of touch with average Americans. Their constant childish bickering with each other prevents them from doing what they are elected to do.  

Unlike President Trump and his Republican friends and Democrat enemies, Don Blankenship will flush the swamp, balance the budget, fix and update our infrastructure, get term limits passed, reconcile our differences, greatly reduce healthcare costs with pragmatic solutions, conduct a true war on the opiate drug epidemic, enforce our laws, and provide citizenship to millions of immigrants who deserve it.  At the same time Don will tightly secure our borders and end welfare and other benefits for those who are not ultimately granted citizenship.     

Don will simply fix what is broken and the results will be (to use one of President Trump’s few favorite words) “H-U-G-E.”


As bold as Don’s commitments such as balancing the budget and passing term limits may seem he will achieve them.  But unlike the Democrat candidates for President, Don will not promise that he will control the earth’s temperature.  Nor will he promise that everything will be free. Don instead believes what President Kennedy said in 1961, Americans should “ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country”.


Don is the perfect choice for Americans who can no longer stand the constant drama and haggling that we have seen on our televisions the past three years. If Americans want solutions rather than arguments, they should vote for Don Blankenship because Don has the solutions to America’s problems.  But more importantly, Don Blankenship knows the processes that will implement those solutions.   

It is time for Americans to shock the world and for the first time in 170 years elect as President a person who is not a Republican nor a Democrat.  A person who has been a real American Political Prisoner and who knows what it is to be poor, well to do, falsely imprisoned, defamed, and disappointed in our Government.  More importantly, Don understands that all Americans have in a sense become prisoners of America’s corrupt and childlike politicians. 

Vote Don Blankenship because your vote will matter more than it ever has before. Your vote will send a message to the Republicans and to the Democrats that we have had enough of their drama, enough of their lies, enough of their political games, and enough of their corruption.