George Washington warned us about political parties. Today’s vote by the US House of Representatives to begin an impeachment inquiry of President Trump is further evidence that Washington’s warning needs to be heeded as the two Parties seek to damage each other versus doing what is best for America. 

The impeachment inquiry vote was nearly a pure party line vote with only two of 435 House Members not voting with their Party.  The Party line vote makes clear that the House Members are “not thinking for themselves” nor “about our country”.  Instead Members of Congress vote as if they were a herd of sheep with Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Republican Leader Steve Scalise barking at their heels like Border Collies.   Political Party leaders keep their members in line and control their votes by controlling funding for their future campaigns.  They do this through Party PACs such as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee.   

The result is that the only opinion that matters is the opinion of the Democrat and Republican Parties’ Leaders.   

Simply put, Members of Congress vote how they are told to vote by Political Party Leaders so that their campaign will be funded next year. 

Below is a summary from WIKIPEDIA which explains Washington’s view of Political Parties as expressed in his Farewell Address.