In the below article the reporter has confused China person with Chinese or Asian Person. The activities of Elaine Chao’s family do not concern me because she is Asian or Chinese. They concern me because her husband Mitch McConnell, the United States Senate Majority Leader, would perhaps benefit personally if “China” wins the trade and/or currency war with the United States.

Americans do not share that conflict of interest with Mitch. Americans want America to benefit from the ultimate outcome of both the currency and the trade war. If America wins they win. They do not want Communist China, nor Mitch or nor his in-laws to be the beneficiaries. The Chao family has benefited enough from the China American trade policy the past 50 years.

Someone needs to tell this reporter that China is a country and it will be America’s competitor for leader of the world throughout our children and our grandchildren’s lifetimes.

In other words China is not a race. But we are in an economic race and we will likely be in a military race with the Communist country of China.

Elaine Chao’s sister sits on the Bank of China Board. Previously she sat on the Board of the China Shipbuilding Company whose mission it is to build better warships than America has.

The cargo ships the Chao Family operates are made mostly in China. One Chao family ship was caught carrying cocaine. Mitch McConnell thinks that is funny. Most Kentucky voters do not. Kentuckians can bet that if their family owned a ship carrying cocaine the FBI nor DEA would think it was funny.

Mitch and the “Pinocchio Press” routinely confuse and lie about the facts that do not suit them. The idiot reporter that wrote this article is clearly pro drug abuse deaths and anti American. Maybe we should call the reporter “an Associate of the Cocaine Mitch cartel”.

McConnell and his wife Elaine Chao received $40 million from the Chao family as an inheritance. That $40 million was earned by a shipping company that was caught hauling cocaine. A company Mitch’s in-laws and Elaine Chao’s “family” owns.

If someone wants to talk about racism throw into the conversation whether it is racist for the Chao’s to have established a Harvard Scholarship for Asian Americans. It could have instead been for Kentucky Americans of any race.

Also, someone please tell this reporter Kentucky is a state in America before this Washington Examiner idiot again claims I am a racist. Kentucky people include people of many races. Most are not aware that China people also includes many peoples of many races, including tens of millions of caucasians.

“Pinocchio Press” are the real racists. They conspired to prevent a fair election because it included an Appalachian Person.

Don Blankenship

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