1.) It appears that Mitch McConnell may spend more Republican donor money choosing his own Republican Senate colleagues.

2.) The Republican Candidates McConnell disfavors need to drop out or else Mitch will have the Republican establishment call them imbeciles, morons, racists, idiots, felons, and whatever else is needed to beat them.

3.) Republicans should just let Mitch and President Trump choose Senators like they choose Supreme Court Justice’s.

4.) No need to have Republican US Primary elections. No Republican candidate can beat McConnell controlled $millions and his media.

5.) If federal election laws are not changed, Republicans need to do away with Federal Election Primaries altogether.

6.) US Senate Republican Primary elections are no longer about which candidate is best for America or even which is best for Republicans. The elections are all about which candidates will not “Ditch Cocaine Mitch”