Magistrate Judge Aboulhosn ruled Monday August 26 that I did not receive a fair trial and he recommended that my misdemeanor conviction be invalidated.

The Judge also ruled that the US Attorneys did not act with “malice” but rather made errors which violated my Constitutional rights.

Judge Aboulhosn also ruled today that my public rhetoric has been “vitriolic”, meaning my exercise of my free speech rights has been full of “criticism with malice”.

Essentially the Judge ruled that my fighting for and using my Constitutional Rights is “vitriolic” but trying to put me in prison for life by violating my American rights was just a series of innocent errors.

The only way what the US Attorneys did was just multiple innocent errors, without malice, is if Steve Ruby and Booth Goodwin are as dumb as a coal bucket or should I say in Ruby’s case, drunk.

Ruby testified that he withheld 50 MOIs because US Attorney Goodwin ordered him to do so when his Father, Judge Joe Goodwin, became upset because my Attorneys were aggressively defending me.

For those of you wondering, yes I am aware that Aboulhosn’s ruling is just a recommendation to Berger and that she can reject the recommendation. I am also aware that they can even try me again.

The Mine Safety and Health Administration blew up the UBB mine and lied about it. The DOJ prosecutors tried to put me in prison for life for things they knew that I did not do. Now Judge Aboulhosn thinks my rhetoric is vitriolic.

The DOJ and MSHA officials and US Senators and the media have directed “vitriolic rhetoric” at me in and out of the courtroom before and after I was convicted of a non-existent misdemeanor. So, what do they expect in return. Praise? An applause?

After falsely convicting me of just a misdemeanor the US Attorneys went on national TV to say that I was akin to a drug kingpin running a criminal enterprise.

I appreciate that the Judge made the correct recommendation but he should keep his “vitriolic rhetoric” out of his decisions. His rhetoric is solely for the purpose of helping the US Attorneys keep their law licenses.

Judges should stick to the law and not defame and slander falsely accused Americans by saying that falsely accused Americans have used “vitriolic rhetoric” particularly when the rhetoric is true. The Judge also says its 50/50 that I would have been convicted anyway. Are those Las Vegas odds?

Ruby and Goodwin are cowards who like to pick on people who cannot defend themselves.

Perhaps this episode will help Judge Goodwin’s little boy Booth grow up and become something other than a scoundrel. “Scoundrel” Judge Aboulhosn is what Booth Goodwin told DOJ I was when he asked them to delay issuing their report on his misconduct until after the Senate Primary election last year.

These US Attorneys and Judge Berger and Judge Aboulhosn need to leave innocent hard working American’s alone and quit acting like they are Gods who have a right to imprison and slander someone they disagree with and to do so even in Judicial decisions. 

Yes Judge Aboulhosn my rhetoric is vitriolic. It will be that way as long as I have a right to free speech and the American judiciary thinks they are entitled to imprison innocent people even prior to an appeal. 

Judge Goodwin enjoyed telling his friends around town that his son convicting me would be worth a million dollars toward his son’s run for WV Governor. 

Perhaps the next time Booth runs for office they will try to raise campaign money some other way.

Maybe Steve Ruby will sober up and quit following Joe Manchin around like a puppy dog.