What is left of the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia just ruled to uphold the Secretary of State’s decision to deny my access to the General election ballot.

For those who believe in democracy, it is a frightening decision. Essentially, the Republican Party can now slander a candidate throughout the Primary, effectively denying that candidate an equal opportunity to win the nomination, and simultaneously pass a law in the middle of an election cycle which prohibits the slandered person from being on the General election ballot. Americans desperately need to pay attention as the politicians continue to move voters to the sidelines and out of the election process.

My attorneys and I will be evaluating our next steps and we will keep you posted.

I want to thank all of my supporters and those who believe in me and in our Constitution. We can only hope that someday the movement toward a politician-controlled electoral process reverses course. The Court’s decision is good for my family and for me personally. However, we regret not being able to help all West Virginians—particularly the unborn and the drug addicted.

Again, thanks.