Tomorrow, I will be forwarding my most recent federal court filings to President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. If the President and the Attorney General truly want to understand how unfair and dishonest the Department of Justice (DOJ) is, they will, at the least, invest a few minutes to read these motions. If they read them, the President and Mr. Sessions will clearly see that my “misdemeanor conviction” was fraudulently achieved and that my conviction must be invalidated. More importantly, they will learn that the DOJ is an immoral organization and that criminal justice reform must include reforming DOJ. The DOJ’s own Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) report on my prosecution makes this abundantly clear.

My court filings include what is called a “2255” motion asking that my misdemeanor conviction be invalidated because of “reckless disregard” and “gross misconduct” by former federal prosecutors Booth Goodwin and Steve Ruby. A second and separate motion will ask the court to grant a “public evidentiary hearing” so that, among other things, inconsistent and conflicting statements made by the DOJ prosecutors can be publicly reconciled and clarified. We are also hopeful that the full OPR report will be made public.

As background for what is included in this press release, the public should keep in mind that President Trump injected himself into the West Virginia Republican Senate Primary by saying voters should not vote for me. The President did so despite the fact that his Whitehouse political staff had told me, in person, that they would remain neutral in the Primary. The public should also keep in mind that the President routinely complains about the behavior of his Department of Justice (DOJ), and in particular, his Attorney General Sessions. Given both the President’s intrusion into the West Virginia Primary and his expressed negative view of the DOJ, he owes it to all West Virginians and all Americans to personally read my court filings. After all, the President and his pundits, while claiming the DOJ is conducting a witch hunt against him, relied on the same DOJ’s claims against me, to justify telling West Virginians not to select me as their Senator.

The President should not overlook the fact that not only is the OPR report being kept hidden from the public, but that the motions I am filing cannot be made available to the public either. This is because his own DOJ has required that the filings be “under seal.” Obviously, DOJ’s goal is to keep their former prosecutors corruption, their misconduct, and their reckless disregard for the law hidden.

The sealed filings will also keep hidden the corrupted behavior of a former DOJ prosecutor who is the son of a Federal Judge and the misconduct of the Department of Labor, as well as the Mine Safety and Safety Administration. If President Trump will read the motions, he will see firsthand what the corrupt Obama DOJ did. But he needs to be aware too, that his own personally appointed prosecutors are now planning to defend the Obama DOJ’s admitted misconduct and disregard for DOJ rules.

The President’s son, the President’s political pundits, and the President’s media friends have all publicly proclaimed me to be a “felon” in order to prevent me from winning the Republican Primary. They knew their proclamation that I am a “felon” was and is a lie. The DOJ knew, even as my campaign was being ruined by government lies, that my misdemeanor conviction was only achieved by Obama administration corruption. That corruption included the hiding of evidence which would have proven my innocence, the shredding of documents, the altering of charts, and the undertaking of what the DOJ itself calls, “gross misconduct.” It is also what, if a private citizen did, the DOJ would call “obstruction of justice” which carries a sentence of five years in prison.

The DOJ and other government agencies have literally acknowledged in writing that they are guilty. Yes, the government admits misconduct, in their efforts to imprison me for life, but refuses to make the details of their misconduct public. How hypocritical is that?

All Americans agree that their President is entitled to express his opinions. But we also agree that the President owes it to all Americans, and particularly to falsely accused Americans, to learn the facts before he and his family and friends support the Fake News that the President claims to abhor. The Fake News that refuses to report the obvious government corruption surrounding both the Upper Big Branch mine explosion and my prosecution.

Separately, President Trump and Mitch McConnell claim to abhor countries that put their political opponents in prison. They also claim to detest unfair elections in other countries and they condemn foreign government propaganda. But they are seemingly unconcerned that the American system of justice falsely prosecuted and then wrongly incarcerated an American. They also acted without any sense of fairness or responsibility as they used the false prosecution and my wrongful incarceration to influence an American election for the United States Senate. They did so even while the OPR report, evidencing the false prosecution, was lying on the desks of at least the DOJ’s top staffers, and perhaps on Jeff Sessions’ desk, as well.

It is incredible and frightening that the President of the United States, his son, and Mitch McConnell have themselves joined in spreading propaganda much like the leaders of a “banana republic” would. Propaganda that resulted in a flawed and corrupted election and in my campaign’s defeat. All Americans, and particularly West Virginians, were thus denied their right to a fair election and the privilege of casting their vote based on truth.

There is also no doubt that I was an American Political Prisoner, as the booklet I wrote while in prison is titled. The President and Mitch McConnell ignore this fact and seemingly fail to see the tyranny in their statements and their behavior during the primary election. For example, how hypocritical is it that President Trump has said that our government refuses to fully normalize relations with Cuba because the Castro’s put their political opponents in prison. Yet that is exactly what the Obama DOJ did to me and it is what President Trump and Senator McConnell ignored as they misled West Virginia voters.

It’s important that those reading this understand that no one is a bigger supporter of President Trump’s policies than I am. In that regard as I said during the campaign, I am “Trumpier than Trump.” A documentary which I produced in 2014 and which I titled REGCESSION makes that clear. But the United States government, including President Trump and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, cannot be allowed to slander U.S. Senate candidates, have closet court procedures and hearings, allow government agencies to destroy documents during a criminal investigation, and use propaganda to influence American elections. This behavior is just as wrong in America as it is in Cuba.

The President should not only focus on what the DOJ corruption and Fake News is doing to him, but he should also focus on what it is doing to others. Particularly when he himself, his family, and his friends are playing a direct and substantial role in spreading Fake News, which is internationally known as propaganda.

Put simply, the President needs to read the motions. He then needs to apologize and ask his son and his pundits to apologize. They should all apologize, not just to me, but to the American people. Spreading Fake News or propaganda is not Presidential. Again, a government that falsely imprisons Americans is just as wrong as one that falsely imprisons Cubans.

Readers of this can be certain that I am and always have been innocent.

Why else would the United States government be shredding documents in the midst of a federal criminal investigation, denying my right to public trial proceedings, proclaiming that I am a felon when they know I am not, sending me to a federal prison housing only felons before I even have a chance to appeal a misdemeanor conviction, spending millions on false campaign ads against me, denying my attorneys clearly exculpatory materials, having the President’s son say I am a felon, having the President of the United States tell people not to vote for me, moving my case from one DOJ office to another and then to another, denying they have emails between their mine inspectors while their own witnesses are swearing under oath that they do have them, declaring me responsible for an explosion before any investigation, clearly lying about the cause of the explosion by making claims that are in direct conflict with forensic evidence, refusing to make their own internal audit of my conviction public, allowing a Judge’s son to prosecute me in order to aid his campaign for West Virginia Governor, and much more?

President Trump has it within his power to partially correct a wrong and in doing so to expose how corrupt the DOJ has been. He should take that opportunity for the sake of American justice, for the sake of other falsely convicted and incarcerated Americans, and for the sake of himself and his Presidency.

The United State Congress needs to ask itself some questions.

How can our government preach to the rest of the world about the importance of judicial fairness and human rights while simultaneously refusing to make public its own investigation of my misdemeanor conviction?

How can they refuse to have a public hearing which would expose their lies and yet claim America is the model of freedom for the world?

How can the DOJ claim that their “secretly self professed misconduct” is not bad enough to reverse my conviction but is too bad for the public to be made aware of?

How can they call the DOJ’s review team the “Office of Professional Responsibility” and yet keep their review reports hidden while not holding anyone at DOJ “responsible” for the misconduct they uncovered, ie about their own obstruction of justice?

There is no possible answer to these “how questions.” Our government cannot do what they are doing if they intend for Americans and the rest of the world to pay any attention to what they preach. Hopefully, they will soon recognize their own “government hypocrisy” and release not only the OPR report but all emails and materials about UBB and about my false prosecution.