On Thursday, August 23rd, @DonBlankenship released the following tweets:

The U.S. Treasury has paid out millions of dollars to settle sexual harassment and discrimination claims made against members of Congress.

Question for Congress: How does the secret settlement of hundreds (268) of sexual harassment and other discrimination claims against members of Congress differ legally from actions taken by President Trump? At least Trump and not taxpayers funded his hush payments.

How can congressmen argue that money secretly paid to hush their accusers was not paid to influence their elections? Does this mean that the Treasury Department employees who directed that the money be paid committed a felony?

Does the Treasury Department payment of hush money for members of congress mean they are un-indicted criminal co-conspirators?

President Trump should ask Jeff Sessions to raid all of the congressmen’s lawyers’ offices who had cases settled on their behalf to find out what other crimes they may have committed.

All of this could be done under the Russian Collusion investigation or the Hillary Clinton Dossier Investigation.