The United States Government has granted itself a 45-day delay to review Upper Big Branch documents that it has kept hidden now for over eight years—documents the U.S. Government’s Department of Justice (DOJ) had asked the U.S. Government’s Judge to delay reviewing for 90 days. The 45-day delay the U.S. Government Judge granted to the U.S. Government DOJ is a delay just to prepare to review the documents, not to actually review them or to release them. We guess the 45-day delay versus the 90 days requested is meant to suggest compromise and reasonableness. We can only assume that the U.S. Government Judge figures that after nearly 3000 days, 45 more days is not very much longer.

The U.S. Government will most likely continue to keep hidden the documents that would be most damaging to the DOJ. Documents that will prove that I was falsely convicted of a misdemeanor and imprisoned for the misdemeanor before any opportunity to appeal. It’s even more unlikely that they will release the ones showing that they know they blew up the mine. Of course, the U.S. Government has already provided documents saying it shredded documents at a shredding party, separately destroyed trash bag loads of documents and altered charts to make them unreadable. Despite all this, we remain hopeful that some truth will be released.

Also the U.S. Government continues to refuse to release their own DOJ Office of Professional Responsibility Report. One can only assume that the report which itself was written hundreds of days ago says the prosecutors did not behave “responsibly”. Who knows whether the report is being shredded, carried out in trash bags, or made unreadable.

Our U.S. Government is corrupt.