Fellow West Virginians:

Don Blankenship is continuing our fight for a better West Virginia. His next challenge is to force the establishment politicians to put him on the ballot for this November’s West Virginia U.S. Senate general election.

If you want to help preserve the U.S. Constitution this is your chance. Don has already pledged to only serve the people and not to be beholden to D.C. lobbyists or career politicians.

The other candidates just want to be a US Senator. If either is elected nothing will really change. West Virginia will remain last in jobs and first in drugs and our country will continue its journey toward bankruptcy.

Don will push through the barriers and stand up to the corrupt D.C. establishment rather than become part of it. He will do so because he knows you and all West Virginian’s deserve better.

If you believe in ending the drug crisis in West Virginia, bringing innovative businesses to West Virginia that will produce jobs, improving our roads and infrastructure, and balancing the budget for a prosperous future – Don will lead the fight for YOU.

We must first keep the fight going. The next step is that the Don Blankenship for U.S. Senate campaign must turn in 7,000 valid signatures from registered voters to get on the ballot.

We are seeking motivated, hard-working volunteers to be petition organizers within the next week as we begin to gather signatures.

Let’s send the establishment a message by turning in large stacks of signatures.

If you are interested in becoming a petition organizer please email your name, phone number, and address to [email protected]

Please enter “Volunteer – Petition Signatures” on the SUBJECT line. We appreciate your continued support in the fight to preserve the U.S. Constitution for “We the People”