What does it take to defeat Don Blankenship in a West Virginia Republican Primary race for U.S. Senate? It requires the Mitch McConnell-controlled Republican Senatorial Committee to spend nearly $2 million running negative false ads against him. It requires every major national television network—and even President Trump’s son—to slanderously label him a felon. It requires five Republican U.S. Senators to endorse an opponent. Even with all that, it still requires President Trump himself to urge West Virginians not to vote for Don.

These media clippings, which show the national media falsely labeling Don a felon, will likely be brushed off by some as just “politics.” In fact, they may even be totally ignored by the media. But the story these clippings tell is a frightening one. Sure, they show that the media and politicians lied in order to advance their establishment ideals—no surprise there. Yes, calling Don a felon is a blatant lie. Doing so in the days leading up to the most watched race in the nation, however, is corruption in its truest form.

The Washington establishment and the media have shown what they are capable of doing to protect themselves. They will collude to spread any lie necessary to protect and maintain a government and an establishment that benefits the elitists and punishes average Americans, notwithstanding the fact that their actions will inevitably bankrupt America. This is the same reason Don was sent to a prison housing only felons as a mere misdemeanant. This is the same reason that Don was charged with felony crimes, which the Department of Justice (DOJ) knew he did not commit. This is the same reason that the truth about the Upper Big Branch (UBB) mine has been hidden for eight years and why the government destroyed UBB documents and refuses to release DOJ internal reports related to the corrupt prosecution of Don.

It does not take Columbo or Scotland Yard to figure out what is going on here. Patrick Morrisey is just another corrupt politician. He settles West Virginia lawsuits for pennies on the dollar—lawsuits worth millions of dollars that were filed against opiate distributing drug companies before he even came to West Virginia—yet he parades around as the champion of the demise of the opiate industry. Meanwhile, the opiate industry praises him, hires his family to lobby on their behalf, and provides the income his family depends on. These companies were so happy to cheer on his arrival in West Virginia, they even paid for his inaugural party.

I don’t believe there is a single candidate who ran for the West Virginia Republican Party Senate nomination who will vote for Patrick Morrisey. Why? We got to know him well and we know we owe it to our fellow West Virginians to do better than Morrisey.