The President is a very busy man and he doesn’t know me, and he doesn’t know how flawed my two main opponents are in this primary. The establishment is misinforming him because they do not want me to be in the U.S. Senate and promote the President’s agenda.

West Virginians are not going to vote for candidates who have failed to address the drug epidemic, aligned themselves with abortionists, and have never created a job.

I will win the primary and I will beat Joe Manchin.

West Virginians want more jobs, an end to the drug epidemic, and an honest government. I will will do the job that Morrisey and Jenkins can’t do and have not done.

I am the only candidate that has beaten Joe Manchin, and I have done it twice. In the history of West Virginia, no one has been more supportive of the Republican Party and conservative causes than I have been.

Neither of my opponents can beat Joe Manchin without my support, but I will beat Joe Manchin even without the support of the establishment.

West Virginia voters should remember that my enemies are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and my opponents would not even be running as Republicans had I not resurrected the Republican Party in West Virginia.

Tomorrow, West Virginia will send the swamp a message—no one, and I mean no one, will tell us how to vote.

As some have said, I am Trumpier than Trump and this morning proves it.