The establishment is doing everything they can to keep Joe Manchin in office. I am the only candidate in this race that has beaten Manchin on several political issues. I beat him on the food tax and the $5.5 billion bond. The establishment needs to stand down in this race, and I will beat Manchin in the fall.

In this primary, everyone said I could not win, but it is now apparent to the establishment that I will win.

West Virginians are dying by the hundreds every year from opiate drugs and they will not vote for a drug lobbyist who is also associated with abortionists. They will also not vote for Little Joe (Jenkins) who has been in public office for two decades yet oversees the Congressional district that leads the nation in drug overdose deaths and which is last in economic opportunity.

I am not just ready to help President Trump drain the swamp— I am the only candidate that is capable of doing so. If I am not the Republican nominee against Joe Manchin in the fall, Manchin will win.

No other Republican can beat Manchin without my full support and neither Morrisey nor Jenkins is deserving of my support.

West Virginians should be able to decide for themselves who we send to the US Senate.