Today, Don Blankenship’s campaign released a poll of nearly 1,000 West Virginia Republican Primary voters which shows him with a sizeable lead over both Patrick Morrisey and Evan Jenkins. Blankenship received 37% of the vote in the survey, compared to 20% for Morrisey and 15% for Jenkins.

Additionally, two polls, as reported by The Weekly Standard (HERE) conducted by other campaigns show Blankenship is leading the race. Blankenship has surged to the lead after winning the May 1st debate on FOX News in Morgantown, and separated over the last week from the pack.

Career politicians and the DC Establishment have escalated their false and negative attacks against Blankenship and continue to believe they can tell West Virginia voters who they can and can’t vote for.

“No matter how much Cocaine Mitch McConnell and the D.C. Swamp creatures lie to the voters, and mislead our President, they cannot change the focus of our conservative voters,” said Blankenship. “We cannot be of The Swamp if we want to Drain The Swamp. I am the most anti-establishment candidate in America and it is clear. The same Establishment that said Trump couldn’t win, now attacks me and our voters. You should know me by my enemies. Barack Obama, Joe Manchin and Mitch McConnell. They are the enemies of Making West Virginia Great Again” he said.

“Patrick Morrisey is benefiting from millions of dollars being spend by Chuck Schumer and the Democrats – yet he won’t reject their support” Blankenship said. “Jenkins is a career politician and has already been in DC too long, the choice is clear – we can elect someone who will shake things up in Washington or we can vote for who the establishment tells us we can vote for” Blankenship said.