Don Blankenship released the following statement today following the 2018 West Virginia Primary Election.

First, I want to thank everyone who voted in the election and supported our effort along the way. We brought a lot of attention to issues of importance to the people of our great state. And I met many good West Virginia people along the way.

West Virginia lost a great opportunity to lead the nation back to putting America First. Unfortunately, the Establishment misinformed the President, and he lost the opportunity to have his strongest ally in the U.S. Senate.

West Virginia voters must now choose between two candidates that will not be able to take America and West Virginia positions. One will be under the thumb of Schumer and the other under the thumb of McConnell.

It’s heartbreaking to see West Virginia and America people suffer. If our country does not wake up soon, China will be the world’s only superpower. America First needs to be more than a campaign slogan.

My sincere apologies to those that understand the importance of putting America First. I failed them, yet I do not know what more I could have done. West Virginia people deserve better.

P.S. Mitch McConnell’s cocaine tweet is just more proof that he is not an America person. Thousands die from cocaine use year after year, and he thinks it’s funny that his family’s shipping business hauls cocaine on the high seas. It is not funny. It is sickening.