Don Blankenship, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate and former CEO of Massey Energy Company, issued the following statement regarding Joe Manchin and Evan Jenkins failing Huntington for decades.

For 20 years, career politicians like Evan Jenkins and Joe Manchin have dropped the ball, and our proud city of Huntington is now the drug abuse capital of the nation.

That’s sad, but it can be fixed. Not with speeches and proclamations, but by arresting the illegals and out-of-state criminals who deliver their poison, cutting the length & quantity of legitimate opiate prescriptions, drug testing our own government leaders, building the wall to prevent illegal drugs from entering our country, and raising penalties on those highest in the criminal distribution chain.

Huntington and the rest of our state deserve to be better than 49th or 50th in everything positive. Turning off the taps to excess opiates, legal and illegal, is the critical first step. It looks like our new Republican U.S. Attorney Mike Stuart is preparing to do his part and now we as West Virginians need to do our part and send a true conservative to Washington.