This ad makes clear that Patrick Morrisey is associated with drug distributors who have knowingly distributed millions of unneeded drugs into West Virginia. These so called pain killing drugs cause far more pain for West Virginia residents than they relieve.

As West Virginians, we are all sickened by the drug epidemic. We are also angry that our state leads the nation in drug overdose deaths per capita. Morrisey and his wife’s firm have lobbied on behalf of these companies despite his claiming he wants to stop our state‚Äôs drug epidemic. Lobbying for a company that is distributing millions of unneeded drugs is not going to stop the distribution of unneeded drugs.

We do not need as our Senator a man from New Jersey that has represented drug distributors and accepts campaign contributions from lobbyists for abortionists. Morrisey denies the facts and wants us to believe that he does not benefit from his family receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from drug distributors and Planned Parenthood.

West Virginians know better.