Once again, Joe Manchin proves that he is more of a Democrat than a West Virginian.

No state supports President Donald Trump more than Manchin’s home state of West Virginia, but the power of partisanship is just too strong for a weak Senator like Joe Manchin.

The entire impeachment process has showed that the truth doesn’t matter to Congress—the only thing that matters is the power of the party leaders who control huge amounts of Hill Committee campaign funds. 

Instead of focusing on growing the economy, fighting the drug crisis, or rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure, the liberal Democratic leaders persist with their sole focus of taking down President Trump. 

Our country needs leaders who will do what is best for their country and not what is best for their party leaders. 

It’s time all Congressman and Congresswomen asked what they can do for their country not what their party leaders can do to get them re-elected.