Our government loves to create crises and then claim they will save us from those crises.   They currently want us to see them as “our compassionate saviors” as they rush to return a small portion of our  taxes to us as we suffer from a deadly pandemic caused by the “China Virus”.    Our government is unable to give Americans the medicines they need and instead they are attempting to placate us with a little money.

The virus has caused politicians to suddenly realize that our drugs, ie our medicines, come from China.  Our Senators are now telling us they are anxious  to fix that crisis for us as well.   It does not even dawn on them that they created the crisis.  Politicians and Fox news who for years have called China a “key trading partner” are now calling China a “liar”, a “propagandist”, and a bunch of communist mobsters.

Americans need to be aware that it is not just prescription  drugs that we rely on China to  provide us.  We rely on China for an estimated four billion pounds of our food each year, only a small percent of which is even inspected.  Our cars, our games, and in some cases even our military depends on China products.   Many American jobs and resultantly their livelihoods have been exported to China.

Our most expensive import from China this year will be a “coronavirus”.    In fact, the cost of this virus to Americans, just this year, will be greater than all the money we will receive for all the products we will export to China this decade.  Thats right.  The cost of the coronavirus to Americans this year will be greater than what we will receive from all our exports to China this decade.

Now that politicians have woke up to the fact that we are dependent on China for our medications they pretend to be anxious to fix the problem. .  Perhaps our government will someday realize we are dependent on China for much more than medication.  Maybe our government politicians will save us from a food  shortage or from a rare earths supply shortage that they also created.    Most rare earths, greatly come from China. These rare earths are needed to make our cellphones, our computers, and our smart bombs work.

My decades long criticism of our China trade policy has led to me being called a racist.   But it has led to a much greater cost to many  Americans.  It has cost millions of Americans their good paying jobs, their health, and in some cases their lives.

Despite all the above, Senator Mitch McConnell is happy with our China  trade policy.  The policy has made him and his family very rich. It has made his family millions of dollars, a portion of  which his Chinese father-in-law can now give to Mitch to fund his re-election campaign.

Is it not time for us to truly make America Great Again?   We have already made China the worlds only real superpower.  President Trump needs to first realize that members of the swamp will not help him drain the swamp.

Congratulations to Mitch McConnell and his swamp cronies in Washington, DC.   They have personally done very well by placing  themselves above the Americans they claim to represent.

Be on the look out for my book.  It will be available on Amazon in a couple of weeks.  The title is “Obama’s Deadliest Cover-up”.    The subtitle is “They All Have Blood On Their Hands”.