This is a brief update on the civil lawsuit I have filed against dozens of media outlets. We are still awaiting a decision as to whether the case will be held in Federal or West Virginia Court.

It’s important that the lawsuit be seen through to the end. What the lawsuit will help decide is whether the “freedom of the press” entitles huge corporations and their television celebrities to slander a candidate running for a Federal office, such as the US Senate, in order to defeat that candidate. Does “freedom of the press” mean “freedom to defame” Senate candidates?

We will all also learn which supersedes which—-The “freedom of the corporate press” or an ordinary American’s “freedom of speech”.

We will also learn whether United States government officials can use the power of their government positions to coordinate verbal attacks against Americans who speak out against those officials. If they can do so it means that sitting Senators can essentially legally choose their future colleagues.

We may even learn whether members of the Legislative Branch of the United States government can interject themselves into criminal proceedings against an American in order to effect the outcome of the criminal proceedings and the outcome of a federal election at the same time. If they can legally do so it means we do not have three independent branches of government nor fair judicial proceedings.