The world we live in moves fast and it seems the years go by before we know it.

But one thing that moves at a snail’ s pace is the American court system.

We are now approaching seven months since Judge Omar Aboulhosn received the final motions from my attorneys requesting that my “misdemeanor” conviction be invalidated. We have not heard anything.

Invalidating jury convictions is rare in America. More rare than it should be given how corrupt the trial and prosecution processes are. However, it is obvious to any fair person that my misdemeanor conviction must be invalidated.

Judge Aboulhosn knows that MSHA employees and the MSHA UBB explosion investigation team would have been imprisoned for “obstruction of Justice” had they been private industry employees rather than federal government employees. He also knows that the prosecutors committed perjury during my trial.

Therefore, the question before Judge Aboulhosn is not whether my misdemeanor conviction should or should not be invalidated. It has to be invalidated unless the Judge wants to become part of a clearly corrupt prosecution. The questions of whether or not to invalidate the conviction are simple ones.

The first simple question is whether prosecutors can lie and violate the law themselves in order to convict an American. The answer is evident to any honest Judge. NO, prosecutors cannot be allowed to lie and break the law.

The second question is equally simple. Can United States government accident investigators destroy evidence in order to convict innocent Americans? The obvious answer is again, NO.

My second on-going legal matter is my lawsuit against one hundred media outlets. All of these media outlets falsely called me a “felon” following Mitch McConnell and others declaring that they were making plans to “stop Blankenship” from winning a US Senate seat. In my view it is fundamentally wrong for sitting US Senators to interfere and to prevent Senate candidates from winning elections. But the Senators, with assistance from the media did successfully sabotage the West Virginia US Senate race.

Fox News filed a motion weeks ago asking that my lawsuit’s trial be held in federal court versus in Mingo County/West Virginia state court where it was filed. As of yet Federal Judge Copenhaver, who works in the Charleston, West Virginia Federal Courthouse, has not ruled as to where the trial will be held, ie Williamson or Charleston, West Virginia. If justice is to be served it does not matter where it is served but delays do not serve Justice.

In regard to another stalled matter, I have had FOIA requests pending at MSHA and elsewhere for months. The requests are for emails and other documents related to the actions of MSHA UBB investigators and others. We were promised the emails months ago, then they said we would get them this month, ie June. Now they say it will be August. Clearly, it is taking them longer to pull out the emails which are most damaging to the government than they had anticipated.

At least some in the media, including the New York Times, have reported on Mitch McConnell’s family ties to China and the resulting conflicts of interest McConnell has regarding China. McConnell is extremely conflicted on trade matters such as tariffs on China goods entering the US. At least the New York Times reporters have not called themselves “racists”, like I was called, for expressing concern about McConnell’s conflicted interests. The question for McConnell is whether he will do what is best for Americans or what is best for his family.

McConnell has also been busy profiting from his family ship having been caught transporting cocaine out of Columbia. Mitch is selling “Cocaine Mitch” t-shirts as he apparently thinks the cocaine epidemic is funny. He is even asking voters to join his “cartel”.

America has lost its way and it is at a crossroads.

In short, the national media, it worked hand in hand with McConnell and other United States’ Senators to sabotage an election for the US Senate.

The government obsession with Don Blankenship is like an addiction. They just cannot stop abusing me.

Prosecutors lied and broke the law to convict me of a misdemeanor.

The United States government even moved my “misdemeanor” conviction to varying DOJ offices in order to prevent it from being invalidated prior to the election. They moved it to McConnell’s federal Judicial District to be overseen by McConnell’s friend just after McConnell said “Blankenship” had to be stopped from winning the election.

What reason would the United States government have for taking such unusual steps in regard to a “misdemeanor case” other than to stop me from winning the US Senate seat. Certainly, the outcome of a “misdemeanor” conviction does not warrant US Senate involvement but stopping a candidate who has pledged to “Ditch Mitch” does clearly benefit the Senate Majority Leader.

It is the same question the media must answer. What other reason can there be for them calling me a “felon” one hundred times other than to “stop Blankenship” from winning a US Senate seat? The courts will have to decide whether calling a candidate for a federal office a “felon” in order to help United States Senators “stop Blankenship” is okay or not.

Americans need to pay attention. At least five United States Senators, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, their pundits like Karl Rove, and more were able to get the American media to call me a “felon” one hundred times starting on April 24, 2018, ie two weeks prior to election day. Most all of these same media outlets had accurately called me a “misdemeanor” that went to prison until then. But, once McConnell said they planned to stop me from winning the Senate seat it was like a conductor directing an orchestra.

They all began to play the same song. Even President Trump’s son joined in the chorus. And our beloved President himself closed the deal 24 hours before the election by asking voters not to vote for me. The President did not have to call me a felon because the “fake news” he abhors had already carried that water. Is this to be the new “fair election” process in America?

Today and for the past few months, PRNewswire will not distribute my press releases. The national television media has not mentioned my name even once since my defamation lawsuit was filed. The United States court system is holding up decisions on my cases. My FOIA requests are continually delayed.

Obviously, our government and “its media” did far more to sabotage a federal election than the Russians will ever be able to do but there will never be a “Mueller” report or investigation into their election sabotage.

We all know our American Government is corrupt and that the media is often an accessory to that corruption. But few know better than I how horribly corrupt it is.

But I am “waiting, and waiting, and waiting”. The truth is that the corruptors have gone “silent because they have been caught”. Who knows what their plan to “stop Blankenship” will be now but you can bet it will not be an honest nor a just one.

Happy Father’s Day and Happy Trails.