Today my attorneys filed a defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump Jr. for his role in spreading what President Trump calls “fake news”. Trump Jr’s actions to defame me were likely part of a Republican Party Leader conspiracy to sabotage a federal election for a seat in the United States Senate. Specifically, the campaign to defame me took place around the nationally televised Fox News debate when it became apparent that I was on the verge of winning the 2018 West Virginia Republican Primary election.

The conspiracy was likely outlined in a “Republican Committee” to-do list which one Republican official called a “menu list” to stop Blankenship. Trump Jr sent his defaming tweets immediately following his having met with this Republican Committee in Miami, Florida on May 3rd. As President Trump often reminds us the “fake news” and elite members of the “swamp” have made it commonplace to outright lie, slander and defame those of us who dare to express our views. President Trump gets particularly upset when this “fake news” is directed toward him. He should be equally upset when it is directed toward other Americans, particularly when it is part of sabotaging an American election. President Trump has also said recently that “no President should ever have to go through what he has” and I agree with that. No American should have to go through getting falsely prosecuted by the DOJ and defamed by “swampers”. Not you, me or anyone. Slander, libel and defamation are serious matters. In some states they are even a crime not just a civil matter. They lead to false criminal charges, runaway investigations, damaged careers, and even to false imprisonment. Again, no American should be subjected to intentional defamation. So, today I had no choice but to sue Donald Trump Jr. For me, it is a matter of principle. Trump Jr. joined the “swamp” and those among it that spread falsehoods to maintain their positions of power. This has to stop for the sake of our country and our freedom. It matters not who it is that spreads the lies, they must be stopped. President Obama falsely claimed in 2010 that management was “first and foremost responsible” for a mine explosion which occurred while I was the Chairman of a large publicly traded coal company. Following that false claim, I was the victim of the corrupt Obama Department of Justice. I was falsely charged with 3 felonies and a misdemeanor which collectively carried a potential sentence of thirty years in prison. Twenty-five of those years were for a single thirteen-word sentence that I did not write nor edit. None of the false charges against me had anything to do with the mine explosion and I was found innocent on all felony charges. Yet Donald Trump, Jr took it upon himself to cause West Virginia voters to believe that I caused the deaths of twenty-nine coal miners. For your review, I have posted a copy of the actual lawsuit at the link below, along with a link to a documentary that chronicle’s the Upper Big Branch mine incident. Click Here: Blankenship vs Donald Trump Jr. Lawsuit

Enough is enough. No American should ever be treated this way including West Virginian voters. Voters must not be lied to by anyone, especially the most powerful man in the world’s son in the days prior to a federal election.