A few days ago I posted an article from a China newspaper having to do with lost coal mining documents. The article was applauding China government efforts to find the lost documents and to tell the truth in the interest of public confidence in Judicial Justice.

Incredible to most Americans is that our government has shredded, lost, and withheld documents throughout my efforts to get the truths of my fake prosecution and the UBB mine explosion told. Below for your information is another appeal that my attorneys filed a few days ago with the United States Department of Justice asking that they release documents, which they have so far REFUSED to release, about Ruby and Goodwin misconduct and much more. The U.S. government has already admitted that their prosecution of me was improperly conducted. Yet, they continue to CONCEAL documents and thus far to invalidate my misdemeanor conviction.

The China article refers to how social media brings pressure on governments to tell the truth. Hopefully our government will eventually feel that same pressure. After all, our government blew up UBB and falsely prosecuted me to keep that fact hidden.