Every major news network lied repeatedly about me saying “convicted felon Don Blankenship”. I am not nor have I ever been convicted of a felony.

Now Fox News and Trump Jr say it’s horrible that Buzzfeed lied when it said President Trump told Cohen to lie. But the real question is who told Fox News to lie about me?

Other questions are: Is it a federal crime for national media outlets to lie about U.S. Senate candidates? There is no question they did.

Also —-Is it okay for Trump Jr to cause the public to believe a U.S. Senate Candidate that his Dad does not want to win is a felon when the candidate is not a felon?

It’s incredible to watch Fox and Trump Jr talk about the buzzfeed lie given how they lied about me. Fox and Friends brought a Judge on their program to say I was convicted of manslaughter.

The collusion between the media, the politicians and the NRSC to jointly lie and mislead the American public and prevent my election is unprecedented.

Let me say again. I was convicted of a fake misdemeanor in a fake trial by a lying prosecution. I have never been convicted of a felony.