Attached is a link to another example of ignorance from the mouth of a Senator who has no idea what he is talking about. Senator Wyden criticizes my setting up a PAC in 2004 to defeat Judge Warren McGraw.

Judge Warren McGraw had voted to release a pedophile from prison after he had served just days of a three-decade sentence.

Does Senator Wyden of Oregon disagree with the idea that removing a Judge who not only released a pedophile, but ordered, that is “ordered,” not just “allowed”, a pedophile to work at a school is good “For the Sake of the Kids”?

If not, perhaps Wyden himself is a pedophile.

If Wyden is a pedophile, maybe he also agrees with West Virginia Public Broadcasting, i.e. WVPBS (with taxpayer money) having done an interview with the pedophile. An interview in which WVPBS attempted to make a distinction between the Judge’s order requiring the pedophile to work as a “custodian” versus as a “janitor”. An interview in which the pedophile was presented as a reformed businessman. A pedophile who a few months after the interview was caught with a sixteen year old girl, a gun, and drugs in his car, in violation of his probation.

These Senators are simply ignorant of the facts and the truth. “For the Sake of the Kids” Senators such as Wyden need to be voted out of office.

As to the Upper Big Branch (UBB) mine explosion having taken the lives of twenty-nine miners, most informed people now know that the government’s regulations required cutting the miners air in half and that likely caused the explosion. They also know the government was so afraid of the truth that they lied, destroyed documents, and banned any mention of the explosion whatsoever at my trial. As for mine violations, the UBB mine and Massey had fewer violations than others. Facts are not important to DC politicians, but they are important to improving mine safety.

As for coal being a dirty fuel, this guy has no idea how much better coal has made the American quality of life. Senator Wyden and all the Senators need to be drug tested and given an IQ test.