Last night, Thursday (October 18, 2018) I spoke at the Tug Valley Mining Institute for the 31st time in 33 years. My talk touched on many subjects but I attempted to convey that our government agencies, our national media and political party pundits no longer hide their lies and propaganda.

It used to be that Watergate like activity was a big deal and it had ramifications such as President Nixon being impeached. But when Hillary Clinton undermined Bernie Sanders’ primary election effort there was no punishment. So today, political party spokespersons, well known media personalities and even the President of the United States’ son feel comfortable calling a candidate for the US Senate a convicted felon even though they know it’s not true. A former Judge, now media personality, can even use his Fox Network platform to say a US Senate candidate was convicted of manslaughter and simply act as if he made a honest mistake once the election is over.

The dilemma for American voters is that when all the national media networks and both political parties are involved no one is left to expose the truth. The Networks often refuse to even run my commercials. The bottom line is that they can freely lie, and those they lie about cannot even run a paid for ad to dispute their lies. These national media and political party lies present a far greater risk to our democracy than the Russians do but there is no outcry for an investigation since the would be investigators are the culprits.

Um, reminds me of MSHA/UBB investigators who investigated themselves. Hypocritically, the media now acts gravely concerned that the Saudi’s will be allowed to investigate themselves in regard to the missing and likely murdered reporter.

Anyway, below is a link to the video I produced awhile back with some of the liars shown. Many liars, such as liar Karl Rove, did not even make the list.

BTW I told the audience I would be voting for Patrick Morrisey because West Virginia and America must have Donald Trump and if its Morrisey that Trump wants I will vote for him. However, when I watch the video it causes me to wonder how our country got to the point that West Virginians have to choose between a lying New Jersey opiate drug lobbyist and a lying supporter of Barrack Obama.

Hope all of you are doing well despite how ill our government is.


PS: There is an extra video for those of you interested in former US Attorney Goodwin and former US Assistant Attorney Steve Ruby’s comments post my sentencing for a misdemeanor. Apparently they think drug dealing kingpins are committing misdemeanors.

Video of lies by the media:

Video of Goodwin and Ruby’s comments on Anderson Cooper’s 60 Minutes: