Attached is a link to a video of Karl Rove. He gets paid to say things like he says here. Unfortunately, Karl is not sensical or truthful.

Here is what Karl Rove said in reaction to my calling Elaine Chao’s family “China People” in response to why I am concerned about Mitch McConnell possibly having a conflict of interest when considering legislation effecting U.S. and China relations. The video of his comments is contrasted here with what I believe to be the truth:

Click here to watch full video of Karl Rove and his illogical rant:

1). He says I am a bigot and a moron.

First, it should be clear to Mr. Rove that my calling Elaine Chao a China Person, which is what he claims to be so upset about, is not a bigoted comment. China is not a race; it is a country. He tries to act as if the fact that Elaine’s father (James) was born in Taiwan is a basis for saying that Elaine is not a China Person. He comments that Taiwan broke away from China in 1949. He fails to point out that this means that Elaine’s father, James, was born in Communist China and spent his formative years there after he was born in 1927. As Karl points out, in 1927 Taiwan was a part of Communist China. However, none of this is relevant to the point I was making when I referred to the Chao’s as China People. Again, China is a country and people born there can be rightfully referred to as China People just like West Virginia born people are sometimes referred to as Appalachian or West Virginia People.

Second, referring to someone with my accomplishments in life as a “moron” is a little worse than referring to a family from China as China People. I referred to the Chao’s as China people not because of their heritage but because today they have very direct financial and social ties to the China communist government. My words ‘China Person’ were specifically directed at whether Mr. McConnell and his in-laws, the Chao’s, might have a conflict of interest given that the Chao’s, and by marriage Mitch, make a fortune shipping goods to and from China and given that Mitch is controlling the Senate agenda. Senator McConnell’s Senate Majority position could at some point have a significant impact on U.S.-China relations and resultantly on the Chao business, and therefore Mitch himself. In addition, Elaine (Mitch’s wife) is a member of the Trump Cabinet and has regular access to President Trump.

Some final points on Mitch’s bigot and moron comments is that Karl Rove is a paid propagandist and is himself conflicted. Karl makes his money as a result of decisions made by Mitch McConnell who controls the spending of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. In other words, Mr. Rove is conflicted and made his comments about me to prevent a Republican from getting into the Senate that had vowed to oppose Mitch continuing to be the Senate Majority Leader and continuing to support Karl. Additionally, Mitch’s orchestration of such an extreme reaction to my comments are evidence that he is in fact conflicted when it comes to decisions regarding China which is now the second largest economy and the second most powerful military in the world.

If those points are not enough to convince you that my comments were not racist but were rather intended to bring attention to a significant potential conflict of interest consider this; Angela Chao was on the China State Shipbuilding Company board which builds China Naval Warships and whose goal is to make the China Navy the best in the world. Angela is also on the board of the Bank of China which will be very much impacted by Trump and U.S. trade and currency decisions.

I guess the question is whether it would be racist for Karl or Mitch to call me a coal person or a West Virginia person. Personally I do not think so given that people know I have fought for the safety of coal miners and coal interests most of my life and that I have not been on any China government owned boards who are attempting to be better than us militarily and economically, not many Americans have—in fact not a single one other than Angela Chao.

2). Karl also says I was in charge where 29 miners died and that I went to prison for it.

It is not necessary to belabor the point in this post. Suffice it to say that if I had been in charge of the mine airflow it would never have been cut in half. No one at Massey would have ever ventilated the mine the way that MSHA ordered that it be ventilated.

Additionally, were I not in favor of draining the Washington Swamp Mr. Rove would be using my treatment by the Obama Department of Justice as evidence of how corrupt they were. He would be saying “look they put this guy Blankenship, who did more for mine safety than anyone ever, in prison for a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor that does not even exist and that no one had ever been told was a civil violation, let alone a crime”. Just think, Mr. Rove would have been telling the truth rather than lying on behalf of the Swamp and McConnell.

3). Rove says I do not live in West Virginia and cannot even vote for myself.

Karl knows he is lying. Many Americans have multiple homes. You can choose where you want to live. Oddly enough the government confined me pending trial to what they called my “home in West Virginia”. And I voted in West Virginia. But despite Karl’s comments I refuse to call him a “moron”.

4). Karl also says the Chao’s create jobs in America.

Karl may be right as I do not know. However, they buy these huge ships the family owns from China and that does not create jobs in America.

5). Karl also said I could not win the general election if I won the primary.

Obviously Karl still thinks he can predict elections even though he said Trump had no chance of winning. But I still refuse to call him a “moron”.

6). Karl also says “tens of millions of dollars” . . . He then abruptly stops.

What Karl is likely starting to say there is that I pointed out that Mitch’s father-in-law James Chao gave Mitch’s wife Elaine $40 million dollars prior to Mitch’s last election campaign. Yea, its legal. Dad gave Elaine $40 million and once in the McConnell family it was available to Mitch for his campaign spending. Now that creates a real conflict of interest.

West Virginia People that know me know that I am not a racist nor a moron. Hopefully they also know, that I did not know, that Karl Rove thought China was a race before he said so. Again I still refuse to call Mr. Rove a moron.

– Don Blankenship

Some people would agree that it is time to #DITCHMITCH Click here to watch a video of Americans who are ready to #DITCHMITCH and Drain the DC Swamp: