Don Blankenship, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, issued the following release explaining a new television ad exposing Evan Jenkins’ Anti-Second Amendment vote. 

Career politicians have a great ability to change their past voting records when election time rolls around. Jenkins started off his campaign ads with “Almost Heaven.” He was acting as if things are just rosy in our state. A state that is last in workforce participation and first in drug overdose deaths. As we said in our rebuttal, West Virginians love the song but we are not living in “Almost Heaven” we are instead last.

And now Jenkins is going around the state saying he has a one hundred percent voting record as to the Second Amendment. But he does not. It’s particularly outrageous to run the ad he is running given that he previously cast a vote that would allow Charleston or Huntington or other West Virginia cities to ban gun sales just like Chicago and the cities he references in his own campaign ad.

The Second Amendment is a right that was granted to the citizens of America in return for their agreeing to join in the founding of America. If that right is taken away from us without a Constitutional Amendment it is a pure breach of contract. Pure and simple.

The Federal nor the State government can authorize a ban on gun sales because the federal nor the state governments have any authority under the Constitution to do so.

It doesn’t matter whether Evan Jenkins or I have an opinion about guns. In fact, it does not matter what any politicians opinion is about guns. It’s a matter of the rule of law and the Constitution is the ultimate law in this country. 

How do career politicians (most of whom like Evan are attorneys) get so confused. It’s like illegal immigration. Note the word “illegal.” How can cities in this country think they can provide illegal immigrants with sanctuary from federal law enforcement officers? Many cities provide sanctuary to birds but illegals are not birds.

Banning gun sales and providing benefits at taxpayer expense to illegals is simply crazy. We have to have the rule of law if we are to maintain the greatest country on earth.

Ban illegal immigrants not legal guns.