This ad titled A BRIGHTER FUTURE informs the viewer that while Don is not a politician he has led successful efforts to improve the present and future of West Virginians.

Many West Virginians are not aware or do not recall what Don has done for them and for the state. He has spent millions of his own dollars over the past 25 years to help those needing help.

Don has always been a large donor to many West Virginia charitable causes. But when asked to make donations that would honor him by putting his name on a building or a street he has refused. Don decided instead that the best way for him to help West Virginians was to defeat State Supreme Court Judge Warren McGraw.

Don knew that the defeat of ultra-liberal anti-business and anti-jobs McGraw would both lower West Virginia families’ home and auto insurance costs and improve the business climate for more jobs in West Virginia. Don’s campaign to defeat Warren McGraw in the 2004 election did just that. Insurance rates dropped by 15 percent in just the two years immediately following McGraw’s departure from the court. Additionally businesses and jobs benefited.

Don also believes that the government should not tax anything fundamental to life such as food. He also believes the working poor are a key to the success of our society and that taxing their food is especially improper. Don launched a campaign to eliminate the West Virginia tax on groceries and it took a while but his efforts led to the full elimination of the tax on groceries.

The combination of just these two efforts, ie eliminating the food tax and defeating McGraw, has saved West Virginia families over $3,000 each.

But Don did not stop there. In 2006, Don began the effort to convert the West Virginia legislature to a conservative, pro-job legislature. At the time liberals had controlled the legislature for nearly 80 years, Don funded putting a Republican on every state House of Delegates election ballot in 2006. Today the legislature is conservative and has a Republican majority. The conservative pro-job legislature has now passed legislation which will have a very positive impact on job opportunities for West Virginians in the future.

Career liberal politicians have impoverished West Virginians and millions of other Americans for decades. As West Virginia’s US Senator, Don intends to help change that.