Thousands now know and millions will soon know that the UBB explosion was fueled by natural gas. There seems to be no limit to how far the government, the politicians and most of the media will go and have gone to hide this basic of truths about the UBB accident. It’s not a theory that natural gas contains propane and ethane it is instead a scientific fact. The samples and analysis of the gas that came from the UBB mine at the time of the explosion contained ethane and propane. The samples were taken and analyzed by MSHA and their contractors. The gas was clearly not coal bed methane and the government clearly knows that.

The UBB mine continued to emit natural gas for days after the explosion. The government knows these facts and has for four years now. These facts have nothing to do with whether you are a republican or a democrat nor who was in or not in a documentary. This is no different than an Unsolved Mystery show wherein the DNA identifies the guilty party.

Many miners working in mines today know that MSHA is requiring things to be done that make the mines less safe and less healthy. It’s really sad that human beings can treat other human beings that way. The MSHA and state inspectors themselves know it is wrong to not allow a miner operator to run his scrubber. Yet it is a fact that MSHA is doing just exactly that.

As the rest of the week unfolds the establishment (we will call them) will do everything they can to divert attention from this basic fact. Natural gas fueled the UBB explosion. Their diversions and raving and ranting and pressuring and threatening and the telling of untruths cannot change chemistry. They will do what they can but at the end of the day they just keep digging themselves a deeper hole.