Well, we will probably close out the coldest January in 100 years at the end of this week. Many will expect global warming deniers like myself to make a big deal of this as evidence that global warming is not occurring. Some will expect us to say that the earth’s temperatures aren’t rising but rather they are declining. Actually it is a fact that in recent years temperatures have been declining and that January has been very cold but that is not what Americans should focus on.

Americans should instead simply see the global warming movement for what it is. A hoax. They should stop believing that our government or the United Nations can predict the earth’s temperature 100 years in the future. Americans should understand that a record cold January is not proof of anything 100 years from now. It should be clear to all of us that neither our government; nor the United Nations; nor the businesses and “greeniacs” that are exploiting the American public can control the earth’s temperature by bankrupting the coal industry, or bankrupting America, or raising American’s electric bills, or putting millions of Americans out of work. Americans must somehow see that the business and political leaders are “pulling the wool over their eyes” and that these so called leaders’ actions are increasing rather than decreasing worldwide CO2 emissions.

My frequent statement that global warming is a hoax may need an expanded explanation or definition here. By calling global warming a hoax, deniers like myself don’t mean that the earth isn’t getting warmer some years, or some decades, or some centuries. It clearly does get warmer. It also gets cooler. But our use of the term hoax when referring to “global warming” or “climate change” is meant to refer to the Al Gore and environmental extremists claims that global warming, or climate change as they now prefer to call it, is a manmade phenomenon that can be stopped by U.S. lawmakers. The hoax is that they claim that by enacting U.S. CO2 emission regulations, and by subsidizing so-called green energy, that they will impact the earth’s climate.

Even if the world is warming, and if it is manmade and if it will destroy life on earth, the global warming soothsayers are still conducting a hoax. What they are doing is not much different than those who predict the end of time is coming. The one difference is that unlike those who often predict the end of time global warmers go further and promise that if we behave as they tell us we can prevent the end of time. They then make money for themselves based on our behavior, i.e. the acceptance of higher electric bills, the use of ethanol, the loss of our jobs, and the destruction of America’s economic competitiveness in a world marketplace.

A hoax is defined by some dictionaries as a deliberately fabricated falsehood masqueraded as truth. Some definitions of hoax go further to say that the perpetrators must have a deliberate intent to steal. Some say that a true hoax has to have an intended financial gain or purpose. Some definitions go yet a step further and say that in addition to all these requirements, to be a true hoax the method of creating financial gain must also create a broad public impact or capture the imagination of the masses.

If there is a better word to describe the global warming scare than hoax I don’t know what it could be? What other movement has fabricated a bigger falsehood with a greater intent to deceive? What other movement has created more financial gain for the hoaxers while creating as much impact on the public? What other hoax has more captured the imagination of the masses than global warming?

If “greeniacs” in business and in government want to deny that they are conducting a hoax they should provide some facts. Let them explain numerically how the EPA regulations and the reduction of U.S. CO2 emissions will prevent the heating of the earth? What are the numbers? In other words, how will the cuckoo’s nest in Washington and the EPA control the earth’s climate by eliminating American CO2 emissions if we only emit a fraction of the earth’s CO2 to begin with? It may surprise you to know that our government is actually causing an increase in CO2 emissions throughout the rest of the world? Not only that, they are causing great increases in truly toxic emissions as well.

Our Washington leaders have enacted hundreds of regulations including the Clean Air Act. The Clean Air Act’s primary purpose was the reduction of coal use. The act’s first phase of implementation took effect in 1990. The alarming thing to those of us that want to save our country is that the result of these regulations is that U.S. electricity generation is falling and worldwide pollution is increasing. This is not a good sign if one’s goal is to improve American’s quality of life or reduce the earth’s pollution.

But one has to question whether big business or Obama’s objective is to improve the quality of life of Americans. Obama has proclaimed that in order to improve the quality of life in Africa we must help them increase electricity generation on that continent. He says this even as he continues to implement policy after policy that purposefully decreases American electricity generation. Americans should rightfully expect their President and businesses that claim to be American to be more focused on increasing their quality of life than the lives of persons living in Africa.

Obama recently called those of us that deny global warming is a scientific fact members of the “flat earth society.” But members of the “flat earth society” were better people than Obama. At least those who once honestly believed the earth was flat weren’t claiming they could make it round so that they could make a profit. Global warmers like Obama, on the other hand, are claiming they can control the earth’s temperature by putting people in “America” out of work. Meanwhile, Obama is lining his friend’s pockets with subsidies for solar power, windmills, ethanol, light bulbs and many other so called earth temperature changing devices. Obviously it is all a hoax–exactly as the word hoax is defined by the dictionary.

In summary, the American economy is being drained. So are American’s pocketbooks. Global warmers well know that the actions that the EPA has taken at their request will not change the earth’s temperature. If they do not know it, they are truly cuckoo. The bottom line is our country is not in a recession, but rather is suffering the devastation of a “reg-cession.” Recessions are cyclical – they come and go regularly. This “reg-cession” is being fueled by global warmers as they demand more and more restrictions on U.S. CO2 emissions and as they themselves emit toxic lies that will not go away until the hoax is no longer profitable. The hoax of global warming must stop if American workers are to have a chance to compete for jobs in this world economy. This would be true whether February is unusually cold or unusually warm.

Perhaps a definition of “Greeniac” would also be helpful. A “Greeniac” is a hoaxer who claims to favor a green economy so that the environment will be improved, but who actually only claims to be concerned about the environment so that he can line his pockets with your green.