Don Blankenship released the following statement today regarding extreme free trade.Our government and “extreme free trader” TV economists have told us for 5 decades that free trade with China would provide Americans prosperity, and so we gave China our jobs and our way of life. 

Now as we are at war with a China virus, well known  “only free traders“ like  Steve Moore, Larry Kudlow, Jim Kramer, etc., are surprised that America does not make its own medicines, masks, and gloves. 

Free trader extremists are now learning that they have been wrong and that George Washington had it right 240 years ago–we should not entangle our children’s future with that of foreign dictatorships. 

We cannot allow Americans health, prosperity, and security to be dependent on anyone but Americans.   

Perhaps the virus will teach our politicians what “common sense Americans” have always known. American dependency on foreign products, foreign medicine, and foreign principles will not make America Great Again. 

Maybe “extreme free traders” will soon have an epiphany and begin to chant “Made in America.”  Maybe their absence of common sense will be superseded by the reality of Americans dying and suffering.   

Maybe now the American suffering “extreme free traders”’are witnessing will teach them a lesson that they refused to listen to pre-virus.  A lesson some of us have preached for decades. 

Maybe they will now understand what common sense Americans have understood for decades.  Maybe they will learn that we need to enact the policies that made America Great to begin with if we are to make America Great Again.