This AM “Meet the Press” was funnier than Saturday Night Live.  

The program featured NY Times and Washington Post execs on NBC discussing— “Truth” and “The Anatomy of a Lie”.  

Program host Chuck Todd and his guests noted what they called indisputable lies told by others but they all failed to mention their own lies.  

The program also never mentioned that one hundred media outlets lied when they called me a felon in the days before the 2018 WV Primary election.  Worse they, including MSNBC, did so after Mitch McConnell vowed to stop me from winning the election.  

You would think that the biggest lie of the 2018 elections and the biggest lawsuit against major media outlets for that lying would warrant mention on a program about media lies.  

Particularly a lawsuit that includes as defendants the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the son of the President of the United States. A lawsuit  which alleges that those lies impacted a United States Senate election.

The “Meet the Press” program also discussed Russia lying in order to interfere in American elections.  Apparently NBC thinks that only Russian lies have influence on voters and that their lies do not.  

Washington Post exec Martin Baron said on the program that they “should acknowledge when they are wrong”.  I am still waiting for these major media outlets to say they were wrong.