Yesterday I learned that the Southern West Virginia Federal Court reassigned my civil lawsuit against Fox News and Judge Napolitano, and others to Federal Judge Johnston.  But just a few minutes later I was told the case was again reassigned to a “Judge to be named later”.  Sounds like a baseball trade.

This reminded me of when the Department of Justice (DOJ) moved their  handling of my motion to void my misdemeanor criminal conviction from state to state.  They did so  when it appeared I was going to win the West Virginia US Senate seat.  

They made their first move of the case shortly after several US Senators, including Mitch McConnell, came out publicly and said they wanted to stop me from winning. One US Senator even said publicly that the Republican Party Committee was making a “list” of how to stop me from becoming the Republican nominee. 

US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, friend and former colleague, Jeff Sessions (US Attorney General)  was the person in charge of the DOJ at the time.  The case was moved from West Virginia to Kentucky.  McConnell’s close friend’s son would have then been handling the case for DOJ in McConnell’s home state. I publicly complained about the movement of the case and questioned whether McConnell’s political friend’s son would be fair and impartial. 

Surprising to everyone, following my public complaint of how improper it was for McConnell’s family friends to be handling the government opposition to voiding my misdemeanor conviction the matter was moved again, this time to Ohio.  The Ohio prosecutor immediately asked that the case proceedings be delayed.  This prevented any chance of my false misdemeanor conviction being voided prior to the election.  Ultimately the voiding of the misdemeanor was not addressed until this week, ie. 16 months later than it should have been.  

These moves were likely made because McConnell knew that had my case been voided prior to the election last year I might well have won.  If so I would have been McConnell’s colleague in the Senate and I would have voted that he be removed from his Senate Leadership position.  

The movement of my case to different DOJ offices was likely part of the successful plan to prevent me from winning the Senate seat.  It’s probable too that this was one of the items on the Republican Committee  “list” to stop me from winning the election.  It is also likely that getting Donald Trump, Jr, and Fox news, and other media outlets to publicly call me a “felon” was on their to do list.  There is no doubt that on the list was getting President Trump to tell West Virginians not to vote for me. 

The reason McConnell wanted the case moved was because the new West Virginia prosecutor, who had replaced prosecutor Booth Goodwin, had begun to provide me with MSHA and DOJ documents.   Documents which Goodwin and Ruby had intentionally and illegally withheld from my defense attorneys for three years.  These are some of the same documents which earlier this week Federal Magistrate Judge Aboulhosn ruled warranted voiding my misdemeanor conviction.  

Steve Ruby actually testified that these documents had been intentionally withheld because Goodwin told him to withhold them.

And so here we are now.  The United States of America has been acting like a third world Banana Republic.  

The United States Mine Safety and Health Administration caused the deaths of twenty-nine coal miners;  they then shredded the evidence;  they then falsely charged and prosecuted an innocent American;  they made a list of how to sabotage a Untied States Federal election;  and then as part of that list they moved  the handling of a criminal case from one DOJ office to another and then to another for political reasons.   

They then coordinated a slander campaign of a person who was leading in the polls of a Federal election.  They even appear to have enlisted the help of the national media to slander that person, me.

Prior to all this they had learned that that calling me an imbecile, a moron, a fool, a racist, a bigot, an idiot and more was still not driving me down in the polls.  They knew from polling that they had to get the media to call me a felon dozens of times to defeat me and so they did.  

Judge Aboulhosn, after all this, still thinks it is me, Don Blankenship, that uses “vitriolic rhetoric”.  

“Vitriolic rhetoric” is all I have.  I do not have a national television network, a corrupt FBI agency, any documents to shred, a Judge’s robe or a prison to put these guys in. 

The national media will not report any of what the government has done. The reason being that the national media is simply our “fourth branch of government”. The branch which provides fake news air cover for the other three branches.

I do not know who will now decide which of the Southern West Virginia Judges will hear the civil lawsuit against the media.  Maybe the next judge on the case will be Judge Goodwin, or Judge Berger, or maybe anti coal hater and anti-Blankenship Judge Chambers.  Who knows? 

But in my view, it is McConnell, the Judges, and the prosecutors that have behaved like they are all the things they have called me.  Imbecile, idiot, moron, racist, bigot, etc.   

And if Judge Aboulhosn does not recognize that calling my free speech vitriolic is vitriolic maybe he should look up the definition.  Calling my free speech “vitriolic” is what vitriolic is defined to be,  “criticism filled with malice”.   

Judge Aboulhosn’s malice intent was to “chill my free speech” which is unconstitutional.  It’s funny.  We have come full circle.  This is what Steve Ruby said in the beginning at my arraignment—Blankenship’s free speech “troubles the United States”.  My guess is that that  has not changed. 

Have a great Labor Day weekend.  The following weekend we will be racing a car decked out as the “West Virginia Car” at the Eldora Speedway World 100. The race Judges there are far more fair than the US Federal Judges.  

Hope to see you there.  

PS.   It was partially a Labor Day Rally that  caused these guys to target me. It was the rally at Holden which drew the largest single day event crowd  in West Virginia history.   Brings back memories of better times.  

Happy Trails