Dear President Trump:  

I wrote Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell the following message;  

I have information that MSHA caused the UBB mine explosion by denying the mine a ventilation plan which would have prevented any loss of life at UBB.

Would you be willing to ask MSHA to revisit their investigation of the UBB tragedy particularly given that we now know from MSHA’s own records that the MSHA Internal Review Technical Leader shredded documents during the MSHA UBB Investigation after the Lead MSHA Internal Review Investigator quit?  BTW after quitting, the Lead Investigator told the media “they (MSHA) did not like what they were being told”.  

Following this head guys departure the Internal Review Report was fixed (MSHA word) by the new Lead Investigator so that MSHA did not appear to (in their words) be responsible for the “defective ventilation plan” that was in use at UBB when the mine exploded killing 29 coal miners. Given that you and Mitch worked so closely together to defeat my candidacy to become a Senator and knowing of your passion for the welfare of coal miners I hope that the two of you will now work together for a good cause rather than on one like last years improper one.    

You have my cell number should you want to reach me privately but please respond publicly as well.  

– Your friend Don