On Wednesday afternoon, Don Blankenship responded to a tweet from a reporter who covers the Whitehouse. The reporter, Andrew Feinberg used a tweet to mock “For The Sake Of The Kids” and the fact that Don Blankenship is concerned that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s family-owned ship was once caught carrying cocaine on the high seas. Don is concerned that American children continue to die each year from drug overdose. A serious problem that is known to be made worse due to drugs coming to the US from China. Don believes that cocaine being found on a ship owned by McConnell’s family should not have been brushed off several years ago. It should have been used to learn how to stop drugs from being transported by this and other similar ships. Don finds it alarming that a United States Senate Majority Leader thinks it’s a matter for humor versus concern.

Andrew does not seem to care about the fact that Americans are killed by drugs each year, drugs coming from the same country that Senate Majority Leader’s family ship came from, but he seems to have an issue with DonBlankenship’s effort to run as a third party candidate for US Senate last year. In his tweet, Feinberg asks Don “aren’t you a convicted felon”. If Feinberg does not know the honest answer to that question he must be dishonest or have been asleep for four years, Don Blankenship has never been convicted of a felony and is very tired of Andrew Feinberg like sarcasm, dishonest reporting, and ignorance. The below is a second tweet by Feinberg and Don’s tweets in response.