Don is traveling throughout Asia and his internet connections are not working ideally. Consequently, he will not be actively responding to Facebook posts for a couple of weeks. However, he may update us on his travels from time to time.

In the meantime, we have a lot going on and Don will update everyone on all on-going matters and on his 2019 plans when he returns to the U.S.

Don is, of course, waiting for the Judge’s decision as to invalidating his fake misdemeanor conviction. Don has said that only the United States government could effectively plead guilty to hiding, destroying, shredding, altering, and forging documents while still being undecided as to whether to invalidate a conviction obtained in such a manner. Additionally, Steve Ruby lied to the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) and Booth Goodwin refused to cooperate with OPR.

Don is hopeful that the Judge will take note of what OPR wrote in their investigation report on Don’s misdemeanor conviction. The report said, in regard to Ruby and Goodwin’s conduct, that were Ruby and Goodwin still working for the US Department of Justice the OPR would recommend that DOJ impose whatever disciplinary action was needed to make sure that what Ruby and Goodwin did was not ever repeated. The Judge’s decision on invalidating the misdemeanor conviction will either send a clear message as to whether the United States agrees with OPR or whether the United States judiciary is okay with what Ruby and Goodwin did. The Judge’s decision will also tell us whether the United States does or does not believe Americans deserve a fair trial.

Separately, many of you have asked why Don has not commented on Steve Ruby’s DUI charges. Don’s lack of comment is the result of three thoughts. One is that Ruby was used by Goodwin, Manchin, Obama, and others in power and so Ruby was in a sense a victim. Second, the American Bar Association should clearly take Ruby’s license to practice law without Don making a press release. Third, Ruby should clearly be sentenced to time in jail for his own benefit because he is a danger to himself and others. Any comment Don would make does not change what should be done. However, Don has said that you never know what will happen with Ruby as he is Manchin’s attorney and so he may be given some sort of an award versus being punished. Perhaps someone should check to see if Ruby actually earned his WVU law degree.

We should all note that when Don refers to his misdemeanor conviction he most often says “misdemeanor conviction”. This is an important point that will be the subject of more legal issues during 2019. There is a huge difference between a “misdemeanor” and a “felony” yet the press has repeatedly used the words “convicted felon” when referring to Don and they did so repeatedly in the days leading up to the May primary election. It is Don’s intent to bring this media slander to the public’s attention. After all, this slander was purposefully used by the “swamp establishment” to alter the outcome of a federal election. The media collusion to “troll” on national television is more than obvious. It is also hypocrisy for the press to do exactly what they accuse others of wrongfully doing, ie—spread misinformation in order to impact federal elections.

Happy New Year! Stay tuned.