Tomorrow, Wednesday October 17th, my latest ad will appear in the Charleston Gazette at page 2. The ad lists several of former Assistant US Attorney Steve Ruby’s many lies which violated the laws, protocol and rules required to achieve a fair trial. Ruby’s lies were told in an attempt to send an innocent man to prison for life. It’s important to note that fact. The goal was to send me to prison for “life.” The DOJ must agree to invalidate the misdemeanor conviction and apologize, if they are to make clear to all Americans that America is in fact a nation of laws and not a nation where renegade prosecutors can do as they please.

Separately, a recent court ruling has further delayed a decision on my motion to invalidate my misdemeanor conviction. The Charleston Gazette filed a motion asking that all documents provided to us by the government and that we have attached to our court motions be made available to the public. Consequently, the Judge gave the government two weeks to respond to that motion and extended the governments deadline for responding to my motion to invalidate the conviction for two additional weeks, up to November 16th. That is the current status, to the best of my knowledge.

Based on all the transparent corruption, document destruction, Brady violations, Jencks Act violations, and prosecutor lies that we and the Department of Justice (DOJ) itself have thus far uncovered, it is difficult to imagine that the DOJ will continue their charade that my misdemeanor conviction was properly obtained. However, like with many people who are caught in lies, the government prosecutors have thus far been unwilling to admit the obvious. They may never admit it, but it is certainly beyond any reasonable doubt that the conviction should be invalidated. The jury would not have convicted had the government complied with its own laws and rules let alone destroyed documents, altered charts, and lied.

At a minimum, our efforts have uncovered two incompetent and dishonest former prosecutors and a flawed criminal justice system that failed to keep them in check. The new Charleston Gazette ad is posted here for your convenience as well.