I find it interesting how upset Judge Kavanaugh, President Trump, and Mitch McConnell are about what they believe are false accusations against the Judge.

President Trump, McConnell, Trump Jr., National Media and all US Senators ignored that I was clearly an innocent American Political Prisoner. Truth is coming to surface soon. Will President and Senators apologize?

Liberals may be lying to keep Kavanaugh off US Supreme Court. But for sure Republicans lied to keep me out of US Senate.

Kavanaugh says last 10 days have been HELL for him. He should try nearly 9 years of being treated worse by several of those now supporting him.

Please do not misunderstand me. I hope Kavanaugh gets on the court. But its interesting to see Kavanaugh tears and the whining by his supporters who called me a felon and ignored forensic science truth to keep out of US Senate.

At least government did not destroy documents in an attempt to put Kavanaugh in prison for life. Thats what they did in my case.

As you watch media coverage of Kavanaugh nomination remember that 29 miners died due to “Government Homicide” and they destroyed documents and lied to keep that truth hidden.

It did not concern the Senators that they themselves lied about me but they act shocked that someone might have lied about Kavanaugh.