The Republican Party has filed a motion to the West Virginia Supreme Court asking the court to let them “intercede” in my efforts to get on the election ballot as a member of the Constitution Party. The Republicans claim that they fear a “splintering and excessive factionalism” of their party. They say they want to guard against divisive “intra-party” fights “after the party has chosen its nominee.” But the Republicans are ignoring the fact that the “factionalism” they claim to want to prevent “after the primary” has actually been created by the party itself “during the primary.”

Melody Potter, the West Virginia Republican Party Chairwoman, says forty-five other states have “sore loser” laws. What she misses is the point that matters the most. West Virginia does not have a legal “sore loser” law. Melody is also quoted as saying that by seeking to be on the ballot, I am seeking “to make West Virginia a legal outlier.” But Melody misses the point again. The truth is that the Republican Party is attempting to enforce a piece of legislation that is clearly unconstitutional. Enforcing unconstitutional legislation is the quintessential definition of being a “legal outlier.”

My perspective on all of this is the following:

It’s fine if the WV Supreme Court allows the Republican Party to intercede in my case on the grounds that the party has an interest and a stake in the outcome of my filing. Let Melody Potter and Patrick Morrisey intercede because it is a fact that the Republican Party does have an interest in the outcome of the case. However, their concern about the “splintering and excessive factionalism” of their Party is not a “legal” nor a “constitutional” matter. It’s a Republican Party internal issue and the Party should fix it by changing its internal policies not by seeking to violate the Constitution. The Republican Party will not benefit itself by attempting to get the West Virginia Supreme Court to make West Virginia a “legal outlier”. It’s simply transparent ignorance to argue that the Court should ignore the law, and both the state and the US Constitutions, to prevent the Republican Party from “self destructing”.

For sure, it is not the role of government to prevent political parties from splintering, nor from “factionalizing.” Instead, it is the responsibility of Melody and other Republican Party leaders to prevent their Party from “factionalizing.” Any claim that it is the role of government is clearly an invalid claim. In fact, the role of government is to stay clear of political infighting and to let the voters decide who they want to represent them. If Melody wants to stop the “factionalizing” and “self destruction” of her Party, then she should start by telling Republican leaders not to try to pick winners and losers of Republican primaries for the voters. This would include Melody telling herself, her county Republican leaders, the head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Mitch McConnell, the President of the United States’ son, and the President of the United States himself, to stay out of Party Primaries. In short, Melody saying that my motion to get on the ballot should be denied because it will “factionalize” the Republican Party is hilarious given that she and her fellow Party leaders are “self destructing”.

Take note as well that the Republican Party is not just “factionalizing” itself in West Virginia. It is doing so all over the United States. President Trump and Mitch McConnell are the “primary factionalizers,” to use a pun. They are picking their favorite Republican candidates in nearly every Republican primary election in the country. The natural effect, when they do so, is that they befriend their primary winner and their supporters. But they “splinter” off, as they did in West Virginia, the 65% of Republican voters that chose not to vote for their ordained winning candidate.

Obviously, in deciding my motion to get on the ballot the West Virginia Supreme Court Judges (whoever they are) will be obligated to follow the law. The law is that the state legislature cannot impose laws retroactively, and they cannot allow some political parties to put so-called “sore losers” on the ballot and not allow the Constitution Party to do so.

The really important thing for all Americans is that I actually might win this election if I am on the ballot. The collective efforts of the “GOVERNMENT”—through its legislative, judicial, and administrative agencies, to keep me off the ballot is not just another violation of my US and WV Constitution rights. It is also a violation of the voters’ rights. The government, not the voters, will have determined who the next U.S. Senator from West Virginia will be if I am not on the ballot.

The fact is that President Trump, Mitch McConnell, and wealthy out-of-state donors will have chosen the next West Virginia Senator, whether its Morrisey or Manchin. This is true because there is no doubt that I had a large lead in the primary after the Fox News national television debate. Even President Trump did not say I would not win the primary. He said I could not win the general. West Virginians deserve a chance to find out if he is right.

We will never know whether the President was right unless I am on the ballot. West Virginians will essentially be forced to choose between an unethical New Jersey opiate drug and abortion lobbyist; or a charlatan who has led the state to “last” for 30 consecutive years while supporting Al Gore, Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Chuck Schumer.

Voters will be denied the opportunity to pick a true West Virginian—a West Virginian who was investigated by the FBI for nearly five years and the result was a misdemeanor conviction. A misdemeanor conviction achieved in a court controlled by the “prosecutor’s dad” in order to cover up government corruption. A conviction following statements by the “government” that I did not deserve a fair trial and that my “free speech troubles the United States.” A voter does not need to think long to understand why the politicians want to keep me off the ballot.

Our Senators and Congressman are bankrupting our country for the benefit of themselves. The voters deserve a chance to vote for someone who has a plan that will result in a balanced budget. A person who owes no loyalty to anyone in the “swamp.” A person who stood trial facing life in prison and did not yield even an inch to the tyrants. A person who will not sit down for Schumer or for McConnell. A person who will not sit down, even for President Trump. A person who wants to save the country, not steal from it.