Some of you may remember that when I got involved in helping create a two party political system in West Virginia, stopping the state from going billions in debt, eliminating your grocery food tax, and getting rid of a Judge that released a pedophile, Manchin and his friends coined the slogan: “Don—West Virginia is not for sale”.

The attached article shows why West Virginians should support my candidacy and why that slogan came to Manchin’s mind. My intent is not to buy West Virginia but rather to help make your lives better. I will only be beholden to West Virginians, not rich people from Wisconsin, Illinois, Georgia, New York and many other places. For sure, unlike Patrick Morrisey, I will owe no loyalty to the drug companies that have caused tens of thousands of American overdose deaths. Nor to Chuck Schumer who can make Manchin sit down and be quiet with a simple glance over his shoulder.

And yes, I will not be a puppet of Mitch McConnell either. McConnell is bankrupting your country and is wasting your money to support illegal immigration and enriching his family business.

Establishment Republicans are crying foul that the Constitution Party has nominated me to be on the ballot. Yet they do not consider it a foul to get their rich friends to spend millions slandering fellow West Virginia Republicans, such as Evan Jenkins and myself.

Why do they do this? Because it’s all about them and not about you.