The establishment rejected my application for ballot access today. This came as no surprise.

In doing so, the ESTABLISHMENT politicians are ignoring the Constitution to benefit themselves. By controlling who can and who cannot be on the election ballot this fall, they are trying to control who can and who cannot get elected to the United States Senate. It’s clear that the ESTABLISHMENT thinks they should have special privileges and rights, but the United States and the West Virginia Constitutions say they cannot do that.

We will be filing a COURT claim next week that the “sore loser” law the ESTABLISHMENT is relying on is unconstitutional. We are confident, that absent yet another political court decision, the denial of my certificate of announcement will be overturned. We are looking forward to running a spirited campaign for U.S. Senate as the only candidate who is not supported by Planned Parenthood and opiate drug distributing companies.

The government said in federal court that I should be treated more harshly because “my free speech troubles the United States” but that’s not true. My free speech troubles politicians, not the United States. It troubles politicians so much that they tried to put me in prison for life based on false charges. Charges they knew were not true. Charges so blatantly false that I did not even put on a defense argument, and yet I was found not guilty of all three felony charges.

Any fair Judge will vote to reverse the “sore loser law.” A law written by the real “sore losers” to protect themselves—the “establishment politicians.”

– Don