My last update regarding my case status, ie my continuing efforts to get my “misdemeanor” conviction invalidated, said that the Department of Justice (DOJ) had decided not to handle my filings in “Mitch McConnell Land” ie Eastern Kentucky but rather in Ohio.

My attorneys did not hear directly from the Ohio US Attorney’s office until yesterday, June 5, and as expected, when they called they said that they would seek yet another delay. They were not specific as to how long a delay they would ask for. Kentucky federal prosecutors had already requested a two-week delay.

Well today, ie June 6, my attorneys received word that the delay Ohio federal prosecutors will ask for in my case will be until September 12. This is incredible. This delay of 90 days is just for them to file a motion. Practically speaking it means the case will not be resolved this year. This means of course, not until after the November election. There may have been a few cases where the DOJ has been more corrupt than in my case but there cannot have been any where the corruption is more apparent. Nor can there have been any where the motive is more apparent.

The Department of Justice and the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) have known for years that the government blew up the Upper Big Branch mine. They know, that if I had cut the air in half, destroyed documents, hid emails, and lied like MSHA managers did that I would have rightfully gone to prison for a long, long time. But since MSHA managers work for the government they were not even criminally investigated.

The United States government is so corrupted as to be indescribable. The US Senators can even raise money that can then be legally used to slander a candidate seeking to be elected to the Senate. They did exactly that to me. Maybe we should change the name of the Senate to the Politburo.

The DOJ can falsely prosecute anyone speaking out against the government by using bribery, threats, and lies. Even when the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) of DOJ issues a report saying DOJ prosecutors and MSHA managers did exactly that it doesn’t matter. The government still does not have to release the report or disclose the hidden documents or the DOJ’s illicit behavior to the public. They can just move the case from federal district to federal district and delay and delay and delay. They can do whatever they want to do to deny justice, even though they have known for years that my conviction has to be invalidated, if justice is to be served.

My hope is that readers of these posts and press releases will learn some things. One is that if you have a big podium to speak from (ie money), and you criticize the federal government in a way that threatens their kingdom, they will put you in prison if they get a chance to do so. They will also collect and spend money slandering you. The press will not only stay silent when you are slandered they will repeat the government lies on national television, over and over again, knowing full well that what they are saying is an outright lie.

It may shock many of you to know, for example, that FOX is among the worst for doing this. Judge Napolitano of Fox said prior to the election that I was sent to prison for “manslaughter”. That’s right “manslaughter”. This guy was a “Judge in New Jersey”. He knew I was convicted of a misdemeanor and that manslaughter is not a misdemeanor. Why you might ask did he say such a thing, particularly before the Republican primary election. The “Why” is not only that he and Patrick Morrisey are from New Jersey but also that he and Patrick Morrisey are friends and Morrisey argued cases in this very Judge’s courtroom, ie in Napolitano’s court. Judge Napolitano like Judge Berger is a disgrace to his profession, just as Ruby and Goodwin are to theirs.

Judge Napolitano lied, like he did, in order to help Morrisey get elected just like a fella by the name of Bill Stepien, President Trump’s Chief White House Political Advisor, did when he advised President Trump to oppose my election. Stepien, too, is from New Jersey. He was once hopeful of becoming New Jersey Republican Party Chairman. He is famous for being involved in the Chris Christie bridge scandal. He, of course, wants a New Jersey guy to be the West Virginia Senator. As does the former New Jersey Governor (Chris Christie). So to do many of Fox’s New Jersey born or raised (reared) newscasters. It’s no wonder Morrisey is their golden boy selection to be a Senator.

Judge Napolitano even found Morrisey’s primary victory funny and joked about the fact a New Jersey boy could become Senator of West Virginia. He found it funny because it is funny to a friend of Morrisey but it’s not funny to West Virginians who were duped.

But back to DOJ corruption. Any person that does not have millions of dollars can be imprisoned by the United States government anytime that the DOJ chooses to. The DOJ has no oversight. Like MSHA they investigate themselves. The Senate not only stands by and watches their corruption they participate in it.

What does it say that Senator McConnell’s “family owned ships” can carry cocaine on the high seas, and then McConnell can make jokes about it? Yet, while taking no interest in cocaine being found on the United States Senate Majority Leader’s family ship, they can and will put an America person in prison for a false misdemeanor charge even before an appeal. Our government will do whatever is necessary to cover up that they killed twenty-nine miners.

My fight to get on the fall election ballot will be interesting. Will the government be “Transparently Dishonesty” and deny me that right? We all shall see.