Mitch McConnell and his wife Elaine Chao are knowingly and falsely claiming my comments about McConnell’s connections to China are attacks on his family. This is nothing more than a trick to divert attention from a clear conflict of interest.

McConnell is so indebted to China that he even took their order to cosponsor a Senate bill to remove human rights reporting requirements from free trade deals. Those requirements were put in place after China’s abuses following protests for freedom we saw worldwide from Tiananmen Square. (S.2277,

McConnell and large multinational corporations simply want to continue allowing the Chinese to dump their products in America which destroys American jobs. He refused to vote with 63 other Senators to penalize China for devaluing their own currency to hurt American trade.

Multinational corporations contribute money to politicians who then support free trade which allows these companies to make huge profits by laying off American workers and moving their factories to China.

McConnell and his wife have enriched themselves by peddling influence and access. Somehow, they are worth millions personally now, after adding $20 Trillion to our national debt and exporting our jobs. They operate at the will and pleasure of her father’s company, married at the hip with billions in contracts with the state-owned China State Shipbuilding Company.

McConnell is attacking American families and costing them their jobs. Don Blankenship is simply letting people know.