Don Blankenship, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate and former CEO of Massey Energy Company, issued the following release regarding socialist organization protestors at his Morgantown town hall meeting.

At last evening’s town hall meeting on the campus of West Virginia University, a socialist organization protested the meeting. First, the socialists laughed through the invocation. Then, the socialists would not stand for the flag while the rest of the meeting attendees said the Pledge of Allegiance. And then the socialists used vulgar language to try and disrupt Mr. Blankenship’s speech before they retreated to the hallway to sing a union anthem.

The socialists included members of Black Lives Matter and Free Palestine. A supporter of a group called F**K12, an anti police effort, was also involved. One Black Lives Matter protester even yelled at and threatened an 84 year old Green Beret.

Don Blankenship said, “I am disappointed but not surprised that there were vulgar protestors at our town hall meeting last evening. Our campaign has been more accessible and inclusive than any other. We have had seven town halls where we have invited the public to attend our free events. After our presentation, I have conducted question and answer sessions to address everyone. We do not end the meetings until every question or comment has been addressed.

The ugly protesting of socialists who disrespect the flag and our veterans is just another example of why our state needs new leadership in Washington. We look forward to hearing from West Virginians who will pray during the invocation, stand for the flag, and be willing to engage in civil discourse. This U.S. Senate race is very important for the direction of our country.”

Franklin Roosevelt: “Judge me by the enemies I have made.”

The Don Blankenship for U.S. Senate campaign will have a new ad starting this weekend across the state highlighting some of the enemies that Mr. Blankenship has made during his storied career as a job creator and conservative leader in West Virginia.

Here are some of the social media posts by the members of the socialist organization last evening.